Mens Patch Madras Shorts

 Embroidered Skirts

​​​Fantastic for sport teams, fans and parents alike. Your team colors and sport all over panel shorts in the stands

Panels Shorts, Pants, Skirts

Mens Embroidered Pants

Mens seersucker, poplin or twill  embroidered shorts or patch madras are perfect for a comfortable day out at the beach.

You Choose the  Fabric ,  Design,  Colors of Both, 1 - 100+ pcs 

Have a favorite pair of pants that fit perfectly 

We will now embroider your logo or our stock designs on YOUR PANTS

Enjoy a spring, summer,autumn casual   outing in our 100% cotton twill embroidered pants.

Junior cut cape or Aline  embroidered skirt for all women to enjoy. Made for all seasons in all fabrics.